Our Story

Trevor and I were best friends before we were business partners. We met in college and, like every college-aged kid on the face of the planet, probably spent more time having fun than paying attention to our schoolwork. We spent weeknights, weekends and every vacation possible (probably some school days too - sorry Mom and Dad) exploring the deserts, rivers, mountains, and canyons of the American Southwest.

We managed to take our wanderings to wilder and wilder corners of the world. We rafted down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon (twice), explored the Skeena Mountains in Northern British Columbia on foot and entirely off-trail, and were part of a group, with the help of National Geographic, to be the first to ski into the Sacred Headwaters, one of the most remote regions of Canada.

Through all of our adventures, we could never find an outdoor brand that spoke directly to our community of outdoor enthusiasts and environmental activists. We wanted to do something about protecting our wild places, not just play in them.

Bramble sprung from the idea that those of us who call a tent a second home have a responsibility to protect our wild places.

Ed Abbey said it best when he wrote "wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit." There’s nothing like standing on top of a mountain, or rappelling deep into a desert canyon, or floating slowly down a river to make you feel something. Truthfully, we’re still searching for exactly what that something is - but as long we keep looking, we'll need wild places to look in.

– Ken and Trevor, Co-Founders