May 18, 2016

Planning a trek to Angel’s Landing or into the slot canyons of Zion National Park, but haven’t locked down a spot? Don’t worry, we got you.


Minutes beyond the bounds of this iconic park lies acres on acres of a beautiful thing for Poach Campers: BLM land. For all you Westerners out there, we’d imagine this strikes a chord. If this is your first time hearing the acronym, read up on the public land agency before hanging your hammock.


Legend has it this is a popular hunting camp, and remnants of many a weekend haul can be found strewn about. No services up the road, so load up on water and supplies at the general store across from the RV park. The folks behind the desk tend to be friendly and can also help direct you to the “BLM hunting camps” if you’d like reassurance that you’re on the right track.

There’s quite a bit of private land and curious cattle up Poverty Road, so tread lightly, be friendly, and stay out of the farmhouses. Get up early to beat the crowds back to the park for a sunrise you won’t be soon to forget!


GPS Coordinates for the turnoff to Poverty Road: 37°14'31.6"N 112°48'48.2"W

Hop on Highway 9 as it heads out of the eastern edge of the park. Once outside the park boundary, you’ll pass the Zion RV Park and Campground. Under a mile beyond the RV Park, hang a right on Poverty Road. You’ll cross over a cattle guard and be on a rough, dirt road with a wide open field to the left.

Follow Poverty road past several farm houses for ~2-3 miles until you arrive at a series of unmarked pullouts to the right. There are several spots to throw down your bag in this area, and un-gated areas are BLM land and free for campers. Several sites even offer views back towards the park and the setting sun.